With taut sails, hair to curl,
dancing waves, flags to twirl;
blowing souls path to path
in direction of off the tracks.

Victims to, fortunes made,
lives to take – souls to save.
Get lost with me, but just today –
I’ll guide you til’ the morning.

For one day soon you’ll wonder where
I have gone, no path to share,
and take to directions set
in search of where we first met.

May then we’ll meet again
as you walk the path I laid,
and bring forward a different man
than the first time we swayed.

For if you do, my kiss will feel
like the comfort of a lover.
If you don’t, you’ll cry my name,
yet, in search of another.

And so I blow, day and night,
searching for souls to guide,
as my breathe is the greatest gift
I could ever hope to give you.

For you, Mom.

Published by Rafiki

Life enthusiast and culture connoisseur on the hunt for adventure, experience, growth, and connection. I decided to shake my life up in 2017 so I quit my job and bought a one way ticket out of the US - ready to explore the world. This is my journey - this is my bliss tramp.

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