It’s been a while.

And here we are – back, again… is this thing on? *tap* *tap* *tap*

I bet you’re wondering where I’ve been?

The short answer is getting my life in order and boy-o, this year has been one for the books. I think a list is the best way to begin:

March 2020 – Pandemic starts, secure internship at HEB, move back to Reno.
May 2020 – Finish second semester of MBA program.

June 2020 – Finals, moved out of LA house (discovered someone was living in my room), move to Utah, commence internship

July 2020 – First Annual 4th of July Party (The start of something special), travel back to Reno to move parents out of Reno house, falling out with Mother.

August 2020 – Conclude Internship, HEB Job Offer, Pack up to move to Texas

September 2020 – Move into temp housing in San Antonio, start third semester of school – now working full-time while in school.

October 2020 – Start house hunting, starting flying on private jets for work.
November 2020 – Continue house hunt, start day trading, first W at HEB.
December 2020 – Give up on house hunt, rent a house on a whim, rebuild friendship w/ mother.

January 1, 2021 – Move into new home – fifth move in less than a year (never again…)
January 2021 – Intro first client to HEB, first $25,000 day on the stock market, school continues…
February 2021 – First +$100,000 day on stock market.
March 2021 – First -$100,000 day on stock market, SNOW IN TEXAS.

April 2021 – Spring arrives, close first client deal, work life changes.
May 2021 – Win a pitch contest, HEB starts to lose it’s shimmer, decide I want to buy the house I’m renting.
June 2021 – Make an offer on the house – it’s accepted. Las Vegas, Yosemite, Reno, Utah, Idaho, Montana road trip – first adventure in 20+ months, bought some art.

July 2021 – Second annual 4th of July (aka, the Vomitting), got into crypto.

August 2021 – Party in Utah, work slog continues, begin house improvement adventure – and that brings us to today.

The last year has been a wild ride. I’ve been writing but mostly long hand as I find that I enjoy the patience required to develop thought on paper – the words seem to be more fluid with my intent.

I entered HEB, Texas, and this year with the intention of laying down the foundation on which I would develop the success of my life – financially, intellectually, socially, physically, and emotionally. There have been a lot of firsts: living alone for the first time in my life – something I rather enjoy, even if the darkness keeps me up occasionally. A new city. A new job, three years after unemployment. Income again, and with with – responsibility. Financial freedom? Successfully investing – and the flip side: pride, greed, and losses. Love and frustration. Family and friends. Life, my friends, life.

Why am I returning to the blog?

I am breaching a threshold which I’ve been standing near for sometime – that of true adulthood: sole responsibility for my past, present, and future selves. Ignorantly, I’ve thought I was here for sometime, but impatience constantly found me defaulting back to old norms. I’d get overwhelmed which my lack of progress and seek refuge in old vices and idle thought.

More recently, I’m finding contentment in the struggle and patience required to develop the future I want. The gym is enjoyable – even if I struggle in silence. School is fun – as I start to wrap up my classes – and A’s are easy. Work, while currently a slog, gives me confidence in my ability to create value and secure stable income. And now – I’m looking at buying my first real asset – a home. Who knows what I’ll do with it, but I’ll say this. I love it. It’s special to me and I’m buying it out of a selfish need to make something beautiful. I can’t wait to tear it apart and build it back up again, better and more beautiful.

Life is looking good – and I know that. I’m working hard and trying to work smart. I’ve made a lot of bad decisions the last 20 months, and I feel like it’s all led up to being right where I am – with many decisions to make, and the ability to discern the good from the bad. Maybe 3 or 4 months ago, I would’ve seen a lot of failure, but know I see resilient knowledge; application being the delta.

And now, I’m back. I’ve decided to start building my brand and part of it starts here, with these words, these posts, these thoughts. I’d like to start to dissect things and share the gems I pick up along the way. There are many exciting things on the horizon: my foray intro crypto, a change of roles at HEB, my new home project, my fitness journey, my writing journey, a new city…?, and that’s all just to be discovered in the next 2 months.

So, here we go, again… welcome back, I’m excited to be here. The goal is one post a week – what would ya’ll like to read?

Published by Rafiki

Life enthusiast and culture connoisseur on the hunt for adventure, experience, growth, and connection. I decided to shake my life up in 2017 so I quit my job and bought a one way ticket out of the US - ready to explore the world. This is my journey - this is my bliss tramp.

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