Do you dare me?
Dare me to jump;
to sing, to love, to be.
Dare me to bump
to the music all night
and lose myself to the sea.

Dare me to ask a stranger to dance
and lead her into the night.
Dare me to rise to greet the sun
and play all day in the light.

Dare me to distance myself from myself
to see what I seem to be.
And dare me to change into the man
that moves with wind and the sea.

Dare me to live my life
seeking growth in pain and strife,
wisdom when I seem to fall,
and love whenever it calls.

Dare me, why don’t you?
I know what you want,
the life that you seek –
you can trust me.

So what’re you waiting for;
dare me to be!
It’s time to dance,
dare me, me – I dare you.


I’m wanting of a tidily tune;
something bouncy, quick, and crude –
fun to say or maybe spew
by dancing tongues feeling mused.

In it, I will captivate;
maybe, even, alliterate;
maybe, even, rhyme a bit –
Who knows? I wrote it way too quick.

But I’ll say it fast, with zeal,
enough to, maybe, make you feel
a beat or rhythm, enough to step
to the rhymes I’ve laid ahead.

Funky fresh, precocious mess,
windy dancing, rainy days,
quiet oceans – my devotion
to test the sea in every way.
Creamy coffee, cold gelato,
mountains tops – my affogato.
Pink kobe, deep red wines,
flirting with the end of night.
Dancing with the dawn daily:
if this is life – don’t dare you save me.

For I’ve found enduring bliss:
a truly wonderful tidily mess.
And so I dance until the day
fate unravels all the way.


With taut sails, hair to curl,
dancing waves, flags to twirl;
blowing souls path to path
in direction of off the tracks.

Victims to, fortunes made,
lives to take – souls to save.
Get lost with me, but just today –
I’ll guide you til’ the morning.

For one day soon you’ll wonder where
I have gone, no path to share,
and take to directions set
in search of where we first met.

May then we’ll meet again
as you walk the path I laid,
and bring forward a different man
than the first time we swayed.

For if you do, my kiss will feel
like the comfort of a lover.
If you don’t, you’ll cry my name,
yet, in search of another.

And so I blow, day and night,
searching for souls to guide,
as my breathe is the greatest gift
I could ever hope to give you.

For you, Mom.