It’s been a while.

And here we are – back, again… is this thing on? *tap* *tap* *tap* I bet you’re wondering where I’ve been? The short answer is getting my life in order and boy-o, this year has been one for the books. I think a list is the best way to begin: March 2020 – Pandemic starts,Continue reading “It’s been a while.”

New Zealand – Chapter 4

Ten hours later, I awoke from a writer’s haze with ten pages of content and the owner of the café fiddling with the Wifi, indicating it was time I leave. I gallivanted down the cobblestone main street one last time, bought some trail mix and bananas, and took to the road. After an hour ofContinue reading “New Zealand – Chapter 4”

New Zealand – Chapter 3

It only takes about 30 minutes of hitchhiking in the dark with a bottle of wine in hand to question if you’re homeless, a vagabond, or in for a night of fun. Luckily, I found Melo in Queenstown that afternoon and had good company to contemplate life with on the side of the road. OurContinue reading “New Zealand – Chapter 3”


With taut backs and tempered laughs, ten km’s – no more. Fate happed on a stranger’s path from which we took our course. Into gulch, and valley, mulch, through river, into rain – in search of inspiration, and adventure – with a plan. And crossing paths, we found (again) a seeker in the night, dryingContinue reading “Kaiserschmarrn-amalamadingdong”

New Zealand – Chapter 2

It only took thirty minutes and two wet socks for me to realize the weight on my back and distance I had to travel. In the past, my resolve may have faltered but the pain only made me walk faster. I only stopped twice on my way up to the Routeburn Flats Hut – onceContinue reading “New Zealand – Chapter 2”

New Zealand – Chapter 1

It’s hard to describe the feeling of freedom. I think it’s different for everyone. To me, freedom is the feeling of well-worn wet socks, glacial lake showers and windy mountain passes, the capacity to carry my house on my back – and put it down wherever feels like home. New Zealand, unlike many places, providesContinue reading “New Zealand – Chapter 1”